Meadowside Residential Home

Meadowside Residential Home is a large house set in its own grounds.  It is a registered home for up to 11 Adults with Learning Disabilities (including Autistic Spectrum Disorder), Physical Disabilities and Older People. It is owned by the Registered Charity – The Meadowside Charity Newton Abbot and District.

A registered Manager is responsible to the Charity, for the operation of Meadowside, the welfare of the Service Users and staffing. The manager and staff provide a safe and caring home environment for all Service Users.  Our Service Users are diverse and we ensure that each individual needs are catered for, be it socially, morally or spiritually.

Our Service Users live here on permanent/long term stays. If we have bed availability, we also offer short term convalescences, holiday stay/respite.

The management and staff at Meadowside Residential Home are fully committed to offer a maximum standard of care to all Service Users, with a person centred approach.

Meadowside Residential Home emphasises and builds on each Service User’s individuality, by taking into account each Service User’s cultural background, beliefs, needs, wishes and preferences.  We implement and maintain the standards as set out in our Essential Standards of Quality and Safety (available on request).  Meadowside Residential Home offers experienced, mixed and wide ranging skills to cater for a diverse range of needs.

At Meadowside Residential Home we strive to maintain a Person-Centred Approach.  We maintain dignity, individuality, equality, diversity and privacy at all times for all Service Users in a warm, friendly, caring and homely environment.  We understand and support all Service Users’ ever-changing needs and update these as appropriate in their individual Person Centred Plan.  We understand the needs may be medical, therapeutic (for physical and mental welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social.

We strive to achieve these needs with programmes and activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem and worth, and social interaction with other Service Users.

Service User Person Centred Plan

At the time of a new Service User admission to the home, we work with the Service User and their family, friends or representative, if appropriate, to draw up a written plan of the care we will aim to provide.  The plan sets out objectives for the care and how we hope to achieve those objectives and incorporate any necessary risk assessments.

Once a month, we review each Service User’s plan together, setting out whatever changes have occurred and need to occur in the future.  From time to time further assessments and elements of the Service User’s needs are required to ensure that the care that we are providing is relevant to helping the Service User achieve their full potential.

Every Service User has access to their plan and is encouraged to actively participate as fully as possible in the care planning process.

All Management and staff within the home are appropriately trained and qualified to treat the needs of all Service Users to deliver a high standard of care.  A continuous staff-training programme is implemented to ensure continuity and that high standards of care are maintained in line with the latest developments and in- care practices. The Manager also ensures that appropriate legislation and Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations are met.

Day Care

**We currently have vacancies for Day Care**

We are now starting day care at Meadowside Residential Home for  7 days a week. This can be provided on a regular basis or just for ad-hoc visits but must be booked 2 days in advance.

This service will be available by the hour, ½ day or full day.

The day care will include daily activities (if the person wishes to take part) as shown in the monthly activities planner, which is available on request  Drinks and biscuits are also included throughout the period.


Hourly Rate – £11.00
Half day (9.00 to 13.00 or 13.00 to 17.00), inclusive of  lunch – £45.00
Full day (9.00 to 18.00) inclusive of lunch and tea – £90.00

Note:  Prices may vary depending on complexity of care needs.  An initial assessment will be carried out prior to the first visit.

Optional Extras:

Breakfast (available from 8.00) – £3.00
Tea (around 5pm) – £3.00
Bath or shower (including hoist/wet-room) – £9.00

Transport can be arranged at an extra charge.

Extra hours can be added at either end of the day or half day, charged at the hourly rate.
Occasional day trips may be arranged for an extra charge-to cover costs for admissions etc; this will be agreed in advance.
Transition periods are offered free of charge.  This includes an hour stay with refreshments and a chance to meet the staff and residents of the home.
Transition periods at meal times can also be arranged.
For more details of how to book for this service or for a look around the home, please use the contact us page.

We have the following regular organised activities:

  • Music sessions/Singing Pottery
  • Board Games Craft
  • Film afternoons Gardening
  • Needlecraft Cookery
  • Entertainment Karaoke
  • Shopping Trips Day trips
  • Birthday treats Dinner theme nights

We also aim to add requested activities, either on a one to one basis or with fellow Service Users.  The above activities are also aimed to include Service Users from the day service.  As well as these activities within the home we also encourage Service Users to join outside courses and groups such as those located at the local library,  schools/colleges and local community centres.  We are close to all local amenities, including the local leisure centre, which Service Users are encouraged to join.

We hope that friendships among Service Users will develop and that Service Users will enjoy being part of a community, but there is no compulsion on a Service User to join in any of the communal social activities.

Service Users of the day care service will be provided with;

  • An initial pre-admission assessment to help implement a person centred plan of care.
  • Transition period/s
  • A copy of the monthly activities programme.
  • Full risk assessments.
  • Regular reviews of care plans and risk assessments.
  • The same rights as our full term Service Users.
  • Full use of the communal facilities of the home.