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Meadowside have no regular grant funding, relying on local fund raising and donations.
Our only income is from the residents personal accommodation allowances and state pensions.
As a Partner & Friend of Meadowside you can demonstrate your willingness to support the work of a small charity in the centre of Newton Abbot, who give 24hr care for 11 disabled adults who have learning disabilities and complex care requirements.
A partnership can be mutually beneficial for both Meadowside and partners. For us, these benefits include increased funding, support and visibility, our partner can benefit from good PR, brand building and importantly the chance to make a difference and support a worthwhile cause.

The residential home is an old Victorian building demanding regular maintenance our gas boiler needs replacing we require urgent roof repairs and we have to upgrade our fire safety measures. We have made all the savings we can but it is not enough.
Our fantastic team of carers have been magnificent throughout the pandemic and need more support, which we cannot afford to give.

So how can we work together?

We ask for a minimum donation of £60 to become a Partner & Friend of Meadowside for a year, obviously anything more would be gratefully received.

Don’t forget donations and subscriptions are in many cases tax deductible.

We will acknowledge your support by adding your company logo to our website with a link to your website, you will also receive a partner certificate ,quarterly newsletters keeping you up to date with the home.

Contact Meadowside Martin Smith (Trustee)

Primary Sponsors

Rotary Club of Newton Abbot

The Rotary Club of Newton Abbot have carried out volunteering at the home as well as significant fund raising

Click here to visit the Rotary Club of Newton Abbot



Sherwoods have supported the Meadowside Charity for a number of years offering general maintenance and compliance services often at no cost to the charity.

Click here to visit Sherwoods

Meadowside Charity Newton Abbot & District