**We currently have no bed vacancies.**


Under Government regulations, potential Service Users’ needs must be assessed before entering the home (pre admissions). This is intended to provide each Service User with the best possible information on which to make an informed choice about their future.  This includes both full term Service Users and Day Care Service Users.

For potential Service Users who are already in touch with Social Services or another care department, the initial assessment will be undertaken as part of the care management process, but we also need to assure ourselves and the Service User that this particular home is suitable for them.

For potential Service Users who approach the home direct, appropriately trained staff will make a full assessment of needs, calling (with the Service User’s permission) outside specialists if required for advice and reports.

The assessment will cover the range of health and social needs.  All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.  The assessment process helps the home’s staff to ensure the potential Service User’s needs can be met.  An initial plan of care will then be provided.

We provide prospective Service Users with as much information as possible about the home to help them make a decision about whether or not they want to live here or use the day care service.  We offer the prospective Service User a welcoming transition period to come and visit the home, have lunch/dinner with fellow Service Users and for those who potentially choose to live here an overnight stay can be offered as a trial.  We are happy to welcome any family member or representative to be included in this process making it as comfortable as possible for the prospective Service User.

If we feel that we are not able to provide services that would meet the prospective Service User’s needs then we will seek help and advice for homes elsewhere, on their behalf, including information on assessment of needs, if the prospective Service User/representative gives permission.

If an emergency admission is made, we will inform the ‘new’ Service User within 48 hours of key aspects, rules and routines of the home and carry out the full information and admission process within 5 days.