The charity, formerly known as Newton Abbot and District Mencap, was founded in 1983 by family members and relatives of adults with learning disabilities wanting a ‘home’ for their loved ones that provided a high standard of care and to support friends and family in the community with a learning disability.  The residential home was purchased to provide the ‘home’ but also to be used as a base for members to use as a source of information and assistance with daily living and tasks.  Over the years the residential home has evolved with, first, CSCI and currently Care Quality Commission (CQC).  Our latest inspection report was ‘Good’. You can read the inspection summary here

Meadowside charity CQC

Charity No. 264364  – Registered office:  Meadowside Residential Home, 41 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1TR – Registered in England/Wales – Registered number 08709411

Quality of Care

We aim to provide the highest quality of care and to do this we give priority to a number of areas relating to the operation of the services that we provide.

To facilitate choice and to ensure that all Service Users know precisely what services we offer, we do the following:

  • Provide detailed information on the home by publishing a Statement of Purpose and a detailed Service User guide.
  • Give each Service User a statement of terms and conditions specifying the details of the relationship.
  • Ensure that every prospective Service User has his/her needs expertly assessed before a decision on admission is made.
  • Demonstrate to prospective Service Users about to be admitted to the home, or those using the day care service, that we are confident that we can meet their needs as assessed.
  • Offer introductory visits to prospective Service Users and avoid unplanned admissions except in cases of emergency.

Personal health and care

We draw on expert professional guidelines for the service that the home provides.  In pursuit of the best possible care we do the following:

  • Produce with each Service User, regularly update, and thoroughly implement a Service User plan of care, based on an initial and then continuing assessment
  • Establish and carry out careful procedures for the administration of a Service User’s medication.
  • Take steps to Safeguard Service Users’ privacy and dignity in all aspects of the delivery of health and personal care.


It is clear that Service Users may need care and help in a range of aspects of their lives.  To respond to the diverse range of needs and wishes of Service Users, we help all Service Users to exercise choice and control over their lives.

We aim to give Service Users opportunities to participate in all aspects of life in the home or day care service.  In particular, Service Users are regularly consulted both individually and together about the way the home/day care service is run.  Our objective is always to make the process of managing and running the home/day care service as transparent as possible and to ensure that the home has an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Concerns, complaints and protection

Despite everything that we do to provide a secure environment, we know that Service Users may become dissatisfied from time to time and may even suffer from issues such as verbal abuse in or out of the home.  To tackle such problems we will do the following:

  • Provide and, when necessary, operate a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure.
  • Take all necessary action to protect all Service Users’ legal rights
  • The Meadowside Charity and the management and staff at Meadowside Residential Home aim to listen to and act upon the views and concerns of all Service Users and to encourage discussion and action on issues raised before they develop into problems and formal complaints.  We therefore welcome comments and suggestions from Service Users and their representatives, family and friends.

Positive comments help us to build on our successes, but we also learn from other comments.  We undertake to look into all comments and complaints as quickly as possible to provide a satisfactory response.

Focus on Service Users

The Meadowside Charity ensures the residential home and day service are driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of all Service Users, not by staff, management or any other group.  We recognise how easily this focus can slip and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of the home remain Service User led.

We are committed to achieving our aims and objectives.  We welcome comments from Service Users and their representatives on how we are meeting their aims and whether these can be improved.

Meeting assessed needs

The service and care we provide is based on the thorough assessment of needs and the systematic and continuous planning of care for each Service User.